Interspear Production Music Catalog.

Originally established in 1978 as the commercial publishing wing of Bius Record Productions, signed to Warner Bros. Records, Interspear Music changed the direction of its catalog in 1982 towards media music for advertising, background services and since 1994, production library music. Clients for whom Interspear has provided music have included Allied Lyons, Apple> Computers, AC Delco, BMW, BBC Business TV, Broseley Homes, Costains, Courvosier, Causeway Consulting, Dupont Industries, Harvey's Sherry, Hiram Walker, Massey Ferguson, McDonnell Douglas, Moat House Hotels, Nina Ricci, Pearl Assurance, Purchasepoint, Schweppes, Shell, Teachers Whisky, Tetley Tea, together with many television, radio and film production houses. Interspear represents the work of 30 top-class composers on a non-exclusive basis.